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Amit Shah : 'Rahul Gandhi Was Silent, Or Congress Would Have Done Worse



Rahul Gandhi provoked a volley of barbs in the ruling BJP these days soon after commenting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi "played the drums in Japan while ignoring difficulties back house." (Quit Drumming in Japan, Focus on Residence Affairs, said Rahul Gandhi to PM)

Inside a stinging retort, BJP president Amit Shah said, "Digvijaya Singh stated we lost because Rahul Gandhi says keeps quiet. Digvijaya ji, it is great that he's silent, otherwise Congress would not have got even 44 seats." (Modify of Strategy. Amit Shah to Meet Uddhav Thackeray After Alls)

Mr Shah, on his 1st go to to Mumbai right after becoming BJP chief, also targeted the Congress for what he described its misrule in Maharashtra, which can be due for polls later this year. "For the previous 15 years, what have the Congress and NCP done? Scams, scams, scams. I will need to have per week to finish the list," he said. (Amit Shah Has No Time for Him, Uddhav Thackeray Hits Back)

Veteran Congress leader Digvijaya Singh's admission in a current interview that Mr Gandhi's silence on important problems had cost the celebration inside the "war of perception" has sparked a fresh leadership debate inside the Congress. (Also Read: Digvijaya Singh Clarifies Right after Saying Rahul Gandhi Lacks Ruling Temperament).But several BJP leaders applied the Congress turmoil to hit back at Mr Gandhi.

"Why really should we listen to him when his own party members are usually not listening to him?" stated union minister Venkaiah Naidu.

Mr Gandhi nowadays confronted queries about a rift inside his celebration, between the "old guard" and younger leaders. "These types of tensions have constantly been there. We'll handle that," said the 44-year-old Congress vice president dismissively.

The BJP government completed one hundred days in office this week. The party came to power in May possibly after winning a massive mandate, decimating the Congress, which was reduced to its lowest ever tally.
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World First Human Brain-To-Brain Transmission


World First Human Brain To Brain Verbal Transmission

Inside a globe initially, a group of researchers has achieved brain-to-brain transmission of info between humans.

The group managed to send messages from India to France - a distance of five,000 miles - with out performing invasive surgery on the test subjects.There had been 4 participants in the study, aged amongst 28 and 50.

1 was assigned to a brain-computer interface to transmit the thought, even though the 3 other people have been assigned to get the thought.The first participant, positioned in India, was shown words translated into binary, and had to envision actions for each piece of details.

One example is, they could move their hands for a 1 or their legs for any 0.
A method called electroencephalogry - which monitors brain signals from the outdoors - was employed to record the thoughts as outgoing messages and send them through the internet.

In the other finish, electromagnetic induction was utilized to stimulate the brain's visual cortex in the outdoors and pass around the signal successfully for the three other participants in France.The report's co-author, Alvaro Pascual-Leone, mentioned: "We wanted to locate out if a single could communicate directly in between two persons by reading out the brain activity from a single particular person and injecting brain activity into the second particular person, and do so across excellent physical distances by leveraging existing communication pathways.

"One such pathway is, certainly, the net, so our query became, 'Could we create an experiment that would bypass the speaking or typing part of online and establish direct brain-to-brain communication among subjects situated far away from every other in India and France?"

The analysis team was made up of researchers from Harvard University, also experts from France and Spain.
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Argentina Train Crash, 49 people Killed

World Update News : A train packed with rush hour commuters plowed head on into a wall at a Buenos Aires station Wednesday morning, killing 49 people and injuring hundred and more..

The train failed to stop as it must have, and slammed into the wall at Once station at Plaza Miserere shortly after 8:30 a.m. local time, rail service owner Buenos Aires Trains said.
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